Born to Be.png

BORN TO BE (2019) // dir. Tania Cypriano, NYFF // co-producer
2019 Festivals:
New York Film Festival


THE WATERSLIDE (2018) // dir. Nathan Truesdell // producer

Select 2018 Festivals:
True False Film Festival
Hot Docs Film Festival
Dallas International Film Festival


FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY (post production) // dir. Colin Healey // co -producer

OLD STONE (2016) // dir. Johnny Ma // co-producer

Select 2016 Festivals:
Toronto International Film Festival (Best Canadian First Feature)
Berlinale Film Festival


BORN GUILTY (2017) // dir. Max Heller // associate producer

Select 2017 Festivals:
Sarasota Film Festival

SOMEONE GOOD WILL FIND YOU (2016) // dir. Leelila Strogov // producer & co writer

Select Festivals:
International Family Film Festival Winner 2016